A message for our times

I believe all men have a gift and all life is significant. It is up to the individual to discover what they are born to do, and share their gift with the world. Our gift is like a tree trapped in a seed. We were born to produce the tree to serve the world our fruit. But the manifestation of this gift requires the right environment. A seed can sit on the window sill of a tiled bathroom and stay there for 50 years and the tree will never come, but put the seed in soil, and add a little bit of water, the seed sprouts. From a sprout to a tree, and the tree becomes a forest. Imagine a world where every single one of us produces our own forest, how wonderful would that be?

At Provops, we are committed to build that environment. If we can produce a building that inspires, we can produce two, and from two, ten. With ten, others will follow suit, and our dream is that conscious design into our workplaces and living spaces will spread throughout the world. We believe in the power of architecture to inspire people to be greater than they would
have been. Our purpose is to build powerful environments that inspire people. The traditional paradigm of property development is fragmented and profit-driven. In Malaysia, where there is a lack of significant oversight and planning, the pursuit of profits has severely defaced our environment and eroded our quality of living. Massive highways split apart communities; Private cars clog the streets that belonged to the people; And the crumbling infrastructure has took its toll on our social cohesion. In this trying times, the need for innovative solutions and bold decisions are greater than ever. Our hope lies in the rise of New Urbanism, NIMBYism, and the plethora of sustainable advocates around the world.

The downturn in the property market is a stark reminder that the clock is ticking. By 2050, 70% of the world population will be located in urban areas, and the job of cityscaping does not allow for the luxury of time nor resources. If we do not at least attempt a shift in paradigm, the vision for our future generation is gloom. It is time to attempt provocative operations. This is why Provops was born.

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